Seabreeze Crewing (Manila), Inc. Profile

A Fresh Breeze of Crewing Management today...

scmi_profileSCMi was granted its juridical personality on December 27, 2005. Amidst all hassles of registration and licensing, it commenced its search of crew hire on January 1, 2006 at 307-B Bonaventure Plaza Building, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills. In this small berth, a new course was drawn to sail the channels of crewing management. Market hire for ‘virgin’ principal took much time before POEA finally granted its license on January  2, 2007. With a new hire of five (5) cargo vessels and an expedition passenger vessel, SCMi heaved its anchor and commenced its maiden sea passage. With resiliency and before its first voyage ended, SCMi berth is finally laid up at 202 Alcco Building, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro-Manila. Now, with a growing number of young professionals equipped with dedication and high quality maritime training, SCMi is the home of the finest Filipino seafarers today.


A sea breeze usually blows early morning towards the shore. It brings fresh cold air that tends to replace a warming air on land. Such is the aim of SEABREEZE CREWING (Manila), Inc. A fresh crew to replace the aging ones. A new agency with innovative expertise. A fresh crewing management that breeds the most discipline and quality trained Filipino Seafarers today. Its penultimate aim is to replace those Agencies who foundered in its way.


ItS Policy

SCMi aims to provide our Principal with young physically fit Filipino crew, professionally nurtured to be most disciplined and hardworking seafarers. A crew which is design to be well trained, equipped and efficient to man the most innovated vessel of present times. It also aims to provide continuous teamwork with its crew and principal to face the global competitive shipping industry today.



SCMi  main objective is to produce quality home-grown crew, fully compliant in standard set in accordance to STCW ’95 and vessel’s Flag State. We re-design crew to suit the Principal’s needs of educational standard, good seamanship, environmental safety, ship’s security and economic viability. Above all, we take responsibility of molding our crew to be corporate-minded and contribute efficiently his performance to company’s goal to success.



SCMi consists of most experienced marine officers who not only excelled in their own maritime field but have undeniably contributed to the success of prestigious manning agencies in Manila. Its crew managers have pioneered in crew selection criteria, cadet training program and cost-effective deployment process whilst serving in other manning agencies. Thus, they have continuously produced most disciplined and high quality standard crew of today. With its pool of young professional officers forming its core, SCMi is continuously increasing its pool of well trained cadets from various prestigious maritime school of the country thru upgrading and teambuilding courses. In its desire to man all types of vessels at sea, SCMi has integrated crew of various experiences thru direct inter-active training and sea service experience. Hence, a multi-experience high quality performance crew.


ItS Relationship

SCMi also aims, to produce a family welfare relationship to its crew by providing a well established employment, medical and retirement program which can ably provide benefits in time of dire needs, be at sea or in sickbay. Its Crew Physical Training Program promotes healthy body, healthy mind and teambuilding between the crew and management. Its Family Care Program creates healthy relationship between families.


ItS Mission

SCMi aims above all, to sail with resiliency and endurance with its crew, its Principal and in the society with integrity, honesty and fair growth. That let no call of crew and/or Principal left unanswered. Let no crew fall short of his performance and let no Principal serviced without commitment. With SCMi, we serve with dedication and commitment at all times.



At SCMi,  we go full ahead towards a better future, pro-active program, stable management and assured personnel welfare. SCMi will assume leadership, sounds the bell of excellence and  responsive to crew’s distress calls. At  SCMi, our engine will always run full ahead in 24 - hour watch  whilst underway.



At the helm … SEABREEZE CREWING Management